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Maru Karate Kai and their teacher Marc Grayston-kyoshi were very happy to welcome Stephen Metcalfe MP to their dojo on the 25th March 2011. Mr Metcalfe is the Member of Parliament for South Basildon & East Thurrock and had asked to visit the class as part of his involvement in the Kodosai 2011 event, which took place in October 2011.


The very special lesson took place at the Whitmore Way dojo, and set a record for the dojo as over 70 people were in attendance for the special event, including the students, journalists and Maru Karate’s other special guest;  Headteacher of Whitmore Way Primary School, Iris Cerny.


The special event saw students from all Shindo-Ryu Karate schools giving demonstrations of Kihon Waza (basic movements), Kata (Forms) and Uke Waza (Blocking techniques). The class was supervised by class teacher Marc Grayston-kyoshi, as well as Shindo-Ryu Vice President Tony Cox-hanshi, Mark Shelley-hanshi and Bradley Grayston-kyoshi.

MP Visit

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