Maru Karate Kai - Karate for kids in Basildon, Essex


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Patrons For Maru Karate Kai

Stephen Metcalfe MP

(South Basildon and East Thurrock)


In July 2012, following Marc Grayston-kyoshi’s run with the Olympic Torch, Stephen Metcafle MP (South Basildon and East Thurrock) specifically requested to become Patron of Maru Karate Kai.

Since meeting at the 6th Kodosai event in October 2012, Marc Grayston and Stephen Metcalfe have worked together to promote their dedication to improving the education and confidence of children in Basildon.

After a year and a half of success, the club became involved also with Councillor Danny Lawrence BEM, who is a Basildon Councillor as well as one of the Director’s of Gateway 97.8

On behalf of Maru Karate Kai, we would like to thank both of them for their continued support of our club.

Councillor Danny Lawrence BEM

(Deputy Mayor for Basildon

Director, Gateway 97.8)